16ft. Astronaut Single Lane w/Pool

16ft. Astronaut Single Lane w/Pool

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Setup Area: 30 ft L x 16 ft W x 18 ft H

Actual Size: 27 ft L x 13 ft W x 15 ft H

Monitors: 1

Outlets: 1

Age Group: AGE 3-5 (8) | 5-7 (7) | 8-10 (6) |10-12 (5) | +12 (4)


The price of the inflatable includes setup and teardown. A travel fee will vary by location. Overnight Rentals are generally picked up between 8am - 2PM the following day.

Blast off into summer fun with our epic 15' Astronaut Water Slide! This inflatable rocket ship adventure features a thrilling slide, launching riders into a refreshing splashdown pool. Perfect for space-themed parties, this water slide will be a stellar hit for kids of all ages. Made with durable materials and safety in mind, it's the ultimate way to celebrate birthdays, graduations, or any out-of-this-world event! Rent yours today and let the space adventure begin!

Important Rental Information to know:

NO SILLY STRING NEAR THE BOUNCE HOUSE (Silly String will permanently damage/stain the inflatable)

Power: You will need one 15 AMP dedicated circuit for every blower within 50 feet (Most power outlets at your home will be sufficient as long as there is nothing else plugged in to that same outlet/breaker)

Parks: Check with the city to confirm whether or not the park you have reserved has a power outlet available. If Power is not available, you will need to rent a generator which can be added to your cart. If you need to power multiple bounce houses, you may need additional generators.

See FAQs/Terms of Conditions Page Under Customer Service Tab for more information.