22' Tidal Wave Single Lane w/ Landing Pad

22' Tidal Wave Single Lane w/ Landing Pad

Price may vary by date.

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*Overnight Pickups start at 8am

Actual Size: 40L x 20W x 20H

Monitors: 1 - Not Included /Adult supervision required at all times.

Outlets: 2

Age Group: 3+


The Tidal Wave water slide has a nice slope to it, where the sliders can slide to a landing area. This is a front-loading slide so you can see the participants climbing to the top and when they slide down the wet slide all the way to the bottom when they splash into the landing pad. Please ensure you have a power outlet located within 100 ft of where we will set this slide up and a garden hose will be needed to plug into our soaker hose that is attached to the slide. The Tidal Wave water slide is awesome for children and adults, this water slide will bring FUN for the whole family..



You will need two 15 AMP dedicated circuits for every blower within 50 feet. Parties at your home mostly have a circuit that can support a bounce house blower.

At some of the city parks, you WILL need a generator 50% of the time. Some parks have outlets and some do not and often regular outlets are not allowed to be used for bounce houses due to the amount of power needed to run the bounce house. A small generator starts at $65 and will include gas for 5-6 hours for one blower. If your bounce house needs two blowers or you're adding a concession, then you will need two generators or order one of our larger generators and they start at $85. If you need to rent a generator from us, please go to Concessions and Addons and add the generator to your order.

Please check with the parks and recreation office on power requirements and if they require you to add a bounce house permit to your park reservation.

NOTE: The city does NOT allow water slides or any wet units at any of their locations. All inflatables, bounce houses, bounce houses with slides or water slides are only able to be used DRY at the city parks.