Giant Pong Game

Giant Pong Game

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Actual Size: 36" x 26"

Age Group: 3 to Adults


Twelve 32 Gallon red cans were made to look just like the regular-size red & white cups we all use for Pong Games at home. They are perfect for outdoor events with large open spaces. It is a Fun game for schools, parties, picnics, company events, and much more. Teams take turns throwing or bouncing the ball from behind their "GIANT CUPS" and try to score across into one of the opposing teams' "GIANT CUPS". If a ball is made to the opposite team, then that team will remove one "GIANT CUP" at a time. The first team to take out all of the opposing teams' "GIANT CUPS" wins. These "GIANT CUPS" are not to be filled with water or any other liquid. 

The game comes with 12 giant cans and 4 large white balls.